The best testimonial for our quality of care is the 16 years we have grown, and the recognition we now enjoy from most medical institutions and hotels in South Florida.
However, it is in the human impactwhere we truly make a difference.
I would like to thank your agency for providing us with Luz to care for our 6 month old daughter while we were at the Doral last week. Logically, I was assured the Marriot would only engage with top shelf agencies that would diligently screen and only provide the best child care. I spoke with the Hotel at length as well as the agency directly. However, emotionally, I was leaving our 6 month old child with a person that I have never met in a city that I did not reside. Therefore, her real challenge was to calm me down. My husband and I pre-agreed that we would not leave the Hotel unless we were 110% comfortable. Luz was kind and warm and my instincts told me everything was going to be fine. We had spent a great deal of money to attend the Orange Bowl and I enjoyed every minute of it knowing that my girl was in safe hands. I would highly recommend this individual and look forward to a return trip to South Florida knowing the service is available. Sincerely Laura Ritter
My brother and I wanted to express our sincere appreciation to you and Arsicare Group for the excellent care you provided to my father, Martin Hale, for almost two years. I’m sure you understand how important it is to family members to have the proper care for an aging and ailing parent. Arla did an exceptional job caring for my father from the beginning. I cannot thank her enough for her loving care and dedication. You deserve to be proud of your organization and the important work it does”. Barbara Black
We used your services 2 weekends ago and were exceptionally pleased with Rita Carmona. Thank you for providing such outstanding service and allowing my wife and I to enjoy a special night. Thanks again for the great service.” Adam Yearsley
I want to express my appreciation for your wonderful service. Your staff was lovely and very attentive. Mrs. Alexander is outstanding in every aspect of her responsibilities. In addition, she is so bright and charming attending to my every need in a cheerful and professional manner.” Norma Tassler
On behalf of my whole family, I would like to thank you for helping us by providing wonderful caregivers for my mom. Please add us to your list of references for those who may ask you for it.” Memly Levis
My family and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for all that you have done to assist us with the care of my mother. Your advice has been very helpful. We also would like to commend Margaret for the professional, yet caring demeanor she demonstrated with my mother. Her kindness and patience were extraordinary and we will always be thankful for her assistance.. We realize she often worked in frustrating circumstances, but always maintained her patience and professionalism. Your organization is extremely lucky to have such a person on its staff.” Richard Bamonte
We were truly blessed when we were given your name to contact. You went out of your way to set up a time and place at our convenience. You treated us as if our mother were a member of your own family. You advised us of our options and how best to achieve them. In addition, you were caring, understanding, kind and knowledgeable. You have been a beacon of light during this otherwise dark voyage.” Susan Carmon & Family
This is to let you know that you and Antolin did a wonderful job of getting me and my companion pieces safely home. Please tell Antolin I am greatful for his kindness and protection.” Evelyn Roberts
How wonderfully kind of you to remember my birthday and send me such a magnificent bouquet of flowers. I was completely and totally surprised to receive them. I thank you very, very, very much.” Berryl Cesarano
All your nurses were exceptional, I highly recommend all of them.” Muletta Marks
Just a little note to say thank you again for all of the superb professional assistance and kindly emotional support you provide to my aunt and me.” Linda Sweet
My brother Joel and I want to thank you for the wonderful care you gave our mother. Your willingness to advise us, to listen to us and to help us through all of the various processes with doctors, with Mount Sinai, with just about all aspects of our mother’s illness, has been invaluable and clearly above the call of duty.” Harold Spitzer
Long-distance care is difficult. Your staff provided us with peace of mind, knowing that our mother is in good hands.” Dr. Wallace Greene
Thank you very much for the lovely gift. I appreciated this very much and thank you for thinking of me.” Pearl Krongold
Just a little note to say thanks you again for all of the super professional assistance and kindly emotional support you provided to my aunt and me.” Linda Sweet
Excellent care!, Very conscientious and responsible.” Harry Ross
I have referred several friends to you. Your service is wonderful. I don’t know where I’d be mentally and emotionally without it. It’s not only the service but the excellent employees that you provide that helps me to be able to function day to day without worry!.. Thank you!… Thank you!” Felix Garcia & Gayle Garcia
Thank you for remembering my mother’s birthday and for sending such nice people to care for her. Thank you for trying so hard to help a very difficult situation!!!” Dorothy Loud
She has been extremely helpful and given my mother exceptional assistance and companionship” Mark Hill
Without the service of Elder Care Options, my dear father-in-law would not be in as good shape as he is at 97.” Monika Cohen
Thank you for your time and effort explaining to my mother, Belle H. Wolf, and me the services of Elder Care Options.” Jackie Wolf
We wanted to express our pleasure with childcare that was provided by Claudia Flores during our visit to Miami on 4/27/07. It was the first time traveling and leaving our 10 month old with a caregiver and she just made the whole experience amazing. We felt confident and relaxed to enjoy ourselves while she took care of our son. Thank you!” Max & Lex Howell
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